Are you ready to enhance every area of your life? To develop your mindset, heart, habits & relationships? To become a Purposeful Muslimah?

Welcome to the premiere course for sisters who are seeking to improve their lives in every area, by forging a TRUE connection to Allah Subhana a Ta'ala - and move from a place of merely existing, to truly living their purpose ON PURPOSE.

Finally, the Knowledge, Support & Accountability You've Been Yearning For.

– This experience is for the sister who is stressed and overwhelmed with trying to be a “good Muslim” – when no one ever really showed her how. It’s also for sisters who are already “seekers” – but desire to go to the next level in the company of other striving sisters.

– It’s for sisters new to the deen (and some of us old timers!), who are sincerely seeking to understand how to BE a Muslim – not just look Muslim.

– It’s for sisters who have almost given up on love and fulfillment, but know that if they can improve their relationship with Allah – He will bless them with their perfect mate.

– It’s for sisters who want to understand the mindset, habits, and actions that cause one to live a life of true purpose.

– It’s for the sisters who have hit rock bottom, and know that only ALLAH can pick them back up, by His mercy.

– It’s for sisters who want to feel in their heart, the type of spiritual connection and trust in Allah that they’ve read about in the books of old (FYI – It IS still possible to attain today).

– It’s also for sisters who have been feeling the need to change their lives, but don’t have a clue of where and how to start.

It’s for the sisters who have no Muslim relatives, and needs needs the love and guidance of a welcoming and guiding sisterhood.

– And it’s also for the sisters who desperately wants to pull out of that “other” lifestyle, but feels trapped, because all of her friends or family members live in opposition to Islamic principles. She feels lost and is scared to break away.

– It’s for sisters who are tired of seeking the approval of mankind, and longs for the love of the LORD of mankind.

– It’s for the sisters who have outgrown their current crowd and needs to find a new community – because everyone they knows is content with being average.

– It’s for the sisters who feels an emptiness in their heart… who knows they should be more connected to her Lord, but feels lost.

Can you relate to any of this? If you thought even once “SubhanAllah, that’s me” – then keep reading…

Tired of Feeling Lost or Alone?

This experience is for sisters who feel called to discover, cultivate, and maintain their highest self. For women who want to surround themselves with others on the same path – a “striving sisterhood”. Is this You?

What is The Purpose of the Course?

The Purposeful Muslimah Mastermind is a unique coaching program that blends instruction, sisterhood, support, and accountability – all to make sure that you truly see a positive impact in your life.

A lot of Islamic teaching focuses on WHAT to believe – which of course is crucial to our lives as Muslims. However, there is often an important piece of the puzzle that is missing – and can leave many people to struggle… This relates to what to DO… whom to LOVE….How to Feel… and ways in which we ACT – to truly earn the pleasure of Allah, and see success in every area of life.

~ How do I embody this wonderful Deen?

~ How do I really gain trust in Allah? ~ How do I become the type of person Allah loves, and aids?

~ How can experience deep and fulfilling love?

~ How can I become more calm and centered, even when life throws challenges at me?

~ How can I fight temptation and laziness, unbecoming a Muslim?

~ How can I live with PURPOSE?

With my support and the comfort of a like-minded community behind you – your fellow “Purposeful Muslimahs”- you’ll tackle these questions (and more), in order to see true, lasting transformation in all areas of your life, Bi’ithnillah. And although the focus of the course is on enhancing your life through developing a deep spiritual connection – we do so in a practical way.

We’ve tackled issues of divorce, abuse, low self-worth, illness, abandonment, depression, infidelity and more. THIS is where you finally make sense of it all, Bi’ithnillah.

What Do Our Students Have to Say?

“Alhamdulillah, the experience in the Purposeful Muslimah course is sweet, deep, and healing, it’s answering questions, it’s talking to me, and it’s what I needed. Sometimes I felt real bad and guilty about how I could not know this and not love Allah this much. The lessons are showing me where I was and yet where I should be. The lessons have given me a diagnosis of my past problems and a guide as to where I should be going. There are not even enough words to express how good and peaceful my heart is feeling and how I feel loved and worthy. I am certainly new.”

Sister Zainab

“Khadijah, sincerely I thank you. I have bottled up most of what I was feeling for years looking for one person after another to just explode on, and then I was sent to you. I was scared at first to open up because of previous experiences but Allah made your platform a safe haven for me. What I got most from this experience is person responsibility on all levels. No matter how much I pay you, I think what you gave – by the permission of Allah, was priceless. I plan to listen to the lessons continuously as a vitamin, In sha Allah. May Allah guide you and continue to bless the work you are doing. Ameen”

Umm Asma

Immersive Multimedia Lessons, Designed to Transform Your Thinking ... and Your Life.

Immersive Learning

In depth lessons cover both the philosophy – and practice, of living a life of purpose. Our material is truly life-changing, MashaAllah.


Reflective Assignments

How well do you know yourself? Dig deep, with introspective assignments, workbooks, and writing prompts.

Supportive Community

One of our most beloved features, is the loving sisterhood. Your fellow “seekers” will lift you up, hold you accountable, and be there when you need support. .

Powerful Coaching

Masterful coaching, with an Islamic foundation allows you to discover your inner truth, move through obstacles, and work to become the Purposeful Muslimah you truly are.

What If There Was a Blueprint?...

Have you ever just wished there was a road map for living your life, that would eliminate all of the confusion, pain, loneliness, and spiritual disconnection?

It’s finally here, Alhamdulillah – and it’s changing lives.

Ten in-Depth modules that will change the way you think, live, love and worship.

Introduction: Understanding Your True Purpose

Purpose Key #1: Knowledge, and How We Use it (or not)... Knowledge IN ACTION.

Purpose Key #2: Sincerity of Intention (HUGE!) & Acting According to the Sunnah.

Purpose Key #3: Proper Love for Allah & a True Desire to Meet Him (and eliminate excessive love for people, which = pain).

Purpose Key #4: A Body Used Only in Allah's Obedience (so critical for success in life). Working to uplevel your habits, actions, and passtimes.

Purpose Key #5: Love That is Governed by Remaining in Allah's Pleasure (eliminating co-dependancy, haram relationships, & obeying the creation in opposition to the Creator).

Purpose Key #6: Engaging Your Mind in Only That Which is Beneficial... Purify your thoughts, and your life will follow.

Purpose Key #7: Time, (your most precious asset) Used to Manage Your Affairs Wisely & Increase in Piety.

Purpose Key #8: Wealth, and Whether it Will be Counted FOR You, or Against You... the source of your rizq, how you spend, giving sadaqah.

Purpose Key #9: Service to Only That Which Takes You Closer to Allah... Stop working yourself to the bone for a cause (or person), which will not help secure your Aakhirah.

Purpose Key #10: Having Hope & Fear in Only Allah - Not the Creation (many struggle with this)... Understanding the source of your rizq, seeking Allah in all affairs, having true tawakkul, and not fearing the blame of those who do wrong.

Meet Your Instructor

Sister Khadija Abdus Sabur is a Transformational Coach, Certified Integrative Nutritionist, Emotional Wellness Advocate, and Spiritual Health & Holistic Lifestyle Coach. The Founder of, Sister Khadija fuses spiritual principles with practical wellness tools, and has guided scores of women to improve their connection to Allah, reclaim their health, strengthen relationships, raise spiritually minded children, develop emotional wellness, reduce overwhelm – and adopt Sacred Self Care for true wellness – mind, body & spirit.

Are You Ready to Say YES to Your Personal Growth and Spiritual Development?

The Perfect Combinaton of Spiritual & Personal Development

Upon registration you will receive immediate access to the bonus “LIVE ON PURPOSE” workshop, as well the course introduction lesson.
Once registration closes, you will receive one module each week (for 10 weeks), for a total of 19 in-depth and transformative videos and audios – as well as introspective workbooks, designed to help you integrate the material, dig deep to understand any roadblocks, and apply the concepts to your own life.

Links to the private group and coaching schedule will be provided once registration closes, as well.
Your transformation awaits.
The course is 100% online, so you can join from anywhere in the world!

Committed to Transforming Lives, Bi-ithnillah

Before the course, there were times I would get this feeling like I was screaming and crying with all I had but nobody seemed to hear me. I didn’t know how to let go of negative relationships. I didn’t know how to say ‘no’ when I was asked to do too much, and all these frustrations and stress only weakened the relationship I had with Allah – especially when I would seek “help and comfort” from the wrong places. For me, this course was the light at the end of the tunnel that before, I could not seem to see. To my surprise. I got the opportunity to speak my mind and be vulnerable in a secure place with no fear of being an outcast or misunderstood. Alhamdulillah because of this experience, my relationship with my family has drastically changed, especially with my mother. I finally got away from the negative relationships and things that were harmful for my well-being. Just as sister Khadija said in the beginning of the program, We didn’t just join – Allah chose us to be there. SubhanAllah, the things that I have come to terms with and am still coming to terms with, are more than I could ever had imagined to accomplish in such a short time, Alhamdulillah. I have already spoken to a number of sisters about this program and I would definitely recommend this to any sister, even the one who thinks and feels she is doing great. This program is needed so much, and I have seen the results and found the experience to be amazing. I’m actually sad that its come to an end!

Sister Iffat

“Alhamdulilah, after taking and completing the Selfish Project course – which was for me, a therapeutic emotional healing journey in a nurturing environment (mind, body and soul), all from a psychological AND Islamic perspective- What more could I ask for?! Well ALLAH definitely answered and gave us more with the Purposeful Muslimah Mastermind. It was not a ‘class’ – this is THE building block of a solid foundation for a MUCH deeper relationship with Allah. So much of what transpired throughout this longer (nearly 3 months), course was truly amazing. We saw each other grow as believers, and the most depth actually occurred for me personally AFTER the course – as we all continued to draw on the teachings, and live in a purposeful manner. ”

Sister Najlah

Frequently Asked Questions

What philosophy is this course based upon?

The course is based on an in-depth and profound framework for living a life of purpose and success – as described by the eminent Scholar, Ibn Al Qayyim (rahimuhullah). Our Noble Shaykh is one of the most famous scholars of all time, and one of the distinct things about him was that he truly embodied a holistic approach, which I love. Often called “The Heart Doctor”, Ibn Al Qayyim was both a medical doctor and a renowned scholar, who’s works and words penetrate the hearts in a way that is moving, causes reflection, and spurs action. It spurs you to live your purpose. Our Noble Shaykh’s blueprint is used as the foundation of this course. And the goal is deep reflection, integration, and application. To that end, I provide a ton of modern day, real-world examples and guidance – to help you make the concepts real, and implement them in your life. The results for the sisters who have done so, have been life-changing Alhamdulillah.

How much time and commitment does the course require?

As a wife, mother of five, Coach, and businesswoman – I understand and value flexibility. MashaAllah, the course is designed to be structured – yet flexible enough to fit your lifestyle. Course lessons are available in audio and video format, so you can listen on the go at your leisure. Each week, a new module will be released, which you will be able to reflect on and integrate throughout the week, as well as complete your homework. You are encouraged to post your reflections in our private group at any time, however toward the end of the week is when I will be available to answer questions, engage in group discussion, and provide coaching as needed. Our two live zoom calls will be scheduled with enough advance notice to fit your schedule, In shaa Allah. You can download modules to listen on the go, while cooking, on your lunch break – or anytime that fits your schedule.  This is an amazing opportunity for the busy sister, who still wants to focus on her personal and spiritual development in a flexible, yet structured and supportive enviornment. You’re worth it. 

I live in ____. Can I join the course?

With our flexible online format, you can access the course from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Your learning resources are just a mouse click away!

What is your refund policy?

This experience is for sisters who are committed to their personal and spiritual development, and understand that the price of the course is minimal, in relation to the tools, instruction, support and mindset shifts that this program contains. Please understand that this is a journey, and as such I desire to work with sisters who are willing to go the long haul. That being said, if you are not happy with the course and it’s impact, you are eligible for a refund within 7 days of the course start date. After that point, I need you to be as committed to your transformation as I am.  To be eligible for a refund within the window, you must submit copies of any required homework to show that you have at least attempted to benefit. I fully stand behind all of my work, and know that this course will literally impact you for the rest of your life, Bi’ithnillah. Please read all of the program details to help inform your decision, or email us at with any questions. My students and clients will tell you that this is an amazing experience MashaAllah, and I strive to take care of and fully support all of our students. I meet you where YOU are, and am personally committed to your success. MashaAllah, our students are so pleased with the experience – they often say they wish it didn’t have to end! But in reality, it truly never ends – you become like family. You’re in good hands, Alhamdulillah.

Will You Join Us?

This experience is for sisters who feel called to discover, cultivate, and maintain their highest self. Is this You?

Need Help?

I do hope you join us! However if you still have questions, feel free to get in touch. I’ll get back to you asap.